Master’s Degree Testimonials

PG_Testimonial_Edwin Willems

Edwin Willems, Netherlands

Postgraduate Student, Founder of ASIAN – ARTISAN

“I believe studying in Thailand will open doors to many future opportunities. Stamford was the best choice for me because the truly international environment allowed me to understand different perspectives. The experience I had here actually helped me form the basis for my own company.”


Bernd Büchler, Germany

Postgraduate Student, Manager Technical Services of Rodenstock Thailand

“I decided to study with Stamford because I was looking forward to exchanging experiences with international and local people. As an electrical engineer, the MBA program helps me to get a better understanding of financial aspects and also helps develop strategies for business.”

PG_Testimonial_Nhi Do

Nhi Do, Denmark

Postgraduate Student, Entrepreneur

“I want to pursue my studies in an international environment where I can witness, and be part of, diversity and globalization. I am very pleased with the professors and their “non-traditional” way of teaching at Stamford, where learning is not all about textbooks but it is practical, involving interactive classes and discussions.”

Mathew Deane

Postgraduate Student (MBA Sports Management), Owner of Khongsittha Thai Boxing

“My classmates are from various business. This gives us opportunities to share experience. I have learned many things here, and they can be adapted and used to improve my business. I believe that, as an entrepreneur, I always need to be ready for developments and changes.”

PG_testimonial_pattramas (1)

Pattramas Jaiyong

Postgraduate Student, Owner of LA VENETTA, Designer

“We may be able to learn from real experience of doing business, but I don’t think it’s enough. The marketing knowledge, experience sharing from speakers and all strategies I learned here are very useful and practical. I learn from the classroom today and use with my business tomorrow.”

Kanjarat Patcharawattanakul

Postgraduate Alumni, Asst. Vice President, Commercialization Marketing, Central Pattana PCL.

“Study mode at Stamford was very flexible. It did meet my needs, since I have to work for a company and run my own one. MBA at Stamford helped me open the door to the new world, get myself out of the comfort zone, learn and explore new ideas. I can adapt the knowledge to my works and my business.”


Thanathorn Suwannamai

Postgraduate Student (MBA Sports Management), New Business Development, Dhospaak

“The program has brought me new creative ideas from the European side, which can be adapted and implemented in my work.”

Thepparit Riwin

Postgraduate Student (MBA Sports Management), Brand Communication Manager, Adidas Thailand

“I always had great times sharing experiences in our Sports Management classroom. We all have the same passion.”

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