Bachelor’s Degree Testimonials


Chara Revett, UK

Undergraduate Student

“I chose Stamford as it offered a course I really liked and it is so international. I picked communication arts and I can get my hands on the real equipment used in the state-of the art studio. The lecturers are all really intelligent and have real experience in the media industry.”


Kulanun Chuntapa, Thai

Undergraduate Student

“I’m impressed with the international friends and faculty coming from many countries. This has opened my world, allowing me to freely exchange thoughts and ideas with others. Studying here helps me improve myself in every way, encouraging me to be bold, confident, and also improve my English skills.”

UG_Testimonial_Callum Dale

Callum Dale, UK

Undergraduate Student

“Some other universities offered programs in English, but Stamford seemed to be the most international. I particularly enjoy the teaching style here where I was taught not only to think, but also to do things. I love the way we are prepared from day one for a future management role.”

Jirapat Deemak, Thai

Undergraduate Student

“Some might think that studying in a private university is easy, but Stamford made me rethink that. Teachers here are very dedicated to the students, as they would like us to understand and be able to apply what has been taught. That encourages me to be more diligent and constantly improve myself. I also love the way we are supported by the teachers and friends, just like a family.”